Multimedia Design Portfolio

The following pages represent and showcase my design capabilities, highlighting specific presentation solutions for my clients.  For an overview of services I have provided, take a look at my Resumé.  If you are interested in contacting me, use my Contact Form.

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Clip [ eFishAntSea™ ]

eFishAntSea™ Colourful design base to extoll the virtues of eFishAntSea’s collaborative services.  A real pleasure to design.  This web site is set underwater allowing for full submersion and exploration in the eFishAntSea™.

Clip [ CBDC ]

Cambridge Business Development Center had to rethink their web presence as their existing setup was unmanageable.  I provided a set of styles and layout able to cope with the nature and volume of their information.

Clip [ REBOL ]

REBOL Technologies required a set of icons for their Internet Operating System.  Additionally, I worked on skins and custom controls for other aspects of the IOS software.

Clip [ Goatfell ]

Arran Folk Festival were seeking someone to establish a means to disseminate their programmes year on year.  I sought a design that was inviting though retained a sense of place and tradition.

Clip [ REBOL Forces ]

REBOL Forces is a REBOL-centric magazine that I have supported since conception. I carefully designed each element of the site knowing that different people would be looking at the same information in different ways.

Clip [ Orchil ]

Arran Textiles — Web Site Design, Stationery, Presentation Design.  Creative services for both the Arran Textiles organisation and promotion of their courses.

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