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Use this REBOL-Based text formatter anywhere on any system (see instructions below).  Add to Sidebar.

Please note, no log or record is kept of submitted documents.  There are no guarantees using this service and is subject to removal at the merest sign of abuse.


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Make-Doc Anywhere provides a simple mechanism for creating semantic documents from plain text.  The Make-Spec Guide offers a detailed primer to the features available (caveat: at present, =image requires a complete URL; I have no plans to implement the =view, =face, =include, =file and =font commands) or take a look at the Quick Introduction below.

The value of this service is in your hands.  I trust you to make a fair judgement on the financial worth of this service to you.

Primary Rule

The main rule that you will need to follow is to separate all paragraphs, sections, subsections, etc. with a blank line.  If you fail to do this, your paragraphs will be merged together.

Title Line

The text file should begin with a title line.  This will be used for the document title as well as the HTML title tag.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is automatically generated by the section headings.  It contains links to each section.  No other effort is required.  To suppress the Table of Contents, simply include =toc in a paragraph by itself.

Section Headings

Major section headings are created with a line that begins with === that is followed by the text of the heading.  These section headings are used to create the table of contents.

Subsection Headings

Minor section headings are created with a line that begins with --- and is followed by the text of the heading.

Code Examples

To create a code example, all you have to do is indent the text.  Code examples are printed in a fixed-space bold font.

Bullet Points

A handy way of creating a simple list of bullet points is done by beginning paragraphs with a * character.  Remember to keep the text flush left, otherwise it will become a code example.

Numbered Points

Similar to bullet points, you can create numbered points.  Start each numbered line with a # that is followed by the text of the line.

Inline Formatting

Emphasising text can be done like so: [i]Italic[/i] text and [b]Bold[/b] text.  Hyperlinks are marked this way:
[url]My Home Page[/url].

Currently all characters within the Windows Latin 1 (CP-1252) character set are escaped relative to their entities as per the HTML 4 specification — i.e. Valid (X)HTML!

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